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Personal Practice, Yoga at Work in Your Daily Life


By Amber DeBarge Come As You Are Yoga www.cayayoga.com & Amy Lepine, Lepine Law Group http://www.lepinelaw.com Group yoga is really popular here in the West. In fact it has become so popular that when I started taking yoga classes, I assumed yoga was practiced in groups. And for most people group classes are a great [...]

Relationship, Yoga and Longevity


By Amber DeBarge RYT-200 www.cayayoga.com and Catherine Dietz, Heal Your Life® Coach http://healthypathtolove.com/ Perspective of a Yoga Teacher By Amber DeBarge RYT-200, Come As You Are Yoga What does yoga have to do with your relationships and what do your relationships have to do with your physical health? It’s easy to draw a parallel between [...]

Yoga and Nutrition as Weight Loss Tools


by Amber DeBarge (CAYAYOGA.COM) and Amanda Kunard (GoSlimU.com) Yoga by Amber DeBarge Much of our lives are spent focusing on treating immediate symptoms we experience and less on the core issues behind them. When it comes to our bodies, we often ask ourselves why we’re heavier than we want to be. But the better question is: How [...]

The Benefits of Yoga and Massage


Perspective of a Yoga Instructor by Amber DeBarge RYT (Come As You Are Yoga) Recently I had the opportunity to explore yoga and massage more in-depth as they relate to the healing process. I began discussing this with licensed massage therapist Dana Stein, and this article is the result of our combined perspectives on the benefits of both [...]

Accepting Your Journey


  What happens when we realize that a healthy lifestyle is more than clean eating and exercise? We go searching to discover what is missing. A healthy lifestyle must include mental and spiritual toning as well. Just like we spend time and effort on our muscles we have the opportunity to set time aside everyday [...]

Discovery – Start the Journey Towards Sustainable Joy


What if you were born with everything you need to have a fulfilling and joy filled life? Often I hear people mention “the great plan”. The idea is that the Universe or God has a plan for you, but what if you are the one that has the plan? I don’t mean that you consciously [...]

I’m A Runner!


I was a late blooming runner. All through high school and college I was under the impression that I wasn't born to run. I had weak ankles and weak knees and I had never really run or done anything athletic. And then, at the age of thirty, I met a female Marine who boldly told me [...]

My Life’s Purpose, My Passion, Fulfillment


Life is complicated. It is so easy to get caught up in the race for a better job, a bigger paycheck or a better level of fitness: but do these goals make us truly happy? Can we find personal fulfillment in traditional success? How do you know if you are finding success or genuine fulfillment? [...]

Yoga Philosophy vs. Spiritual Guidance


I recently had a colleague tell me that she offers yoga only, if people wanted spirituality they could go to church. She doesn’t need spirituality from her yoga; she has church for that. While I was working the front desk at a local yoga studio I had more than a few requests for “something more”. [...]

Finding Fulfillment in a Busy Life


With all of this talk about “getting stuff done” I sometimes get too focused on my “to-do” list. But what happens when everything on your list is accomplished and you still don’t feel fulfilled? I started to wonder if there was a better way of accomplishing the goal of satisfaction. How can I keep my [...]