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Student Results & Stories

“Before I met Amber, I just assumed that having a “twisted” body was just what I was going to have to live with.  It was not a big problem, but had been with me for about ten years.  Somehow my left hip and shoulder were forward more than the right side.  The muscles around my left shoulder blade would not work like the right side, and sometimes my right knee would hurt if I walked more than a mile.  But, like I said, overall not a huge problem.  I was a little worried about it because I know that having your spine in alignment is good for overall health.
When Amber told me that she does “muscle recalibration”, and after she described what it is, I was immediately interested.  She explained how, after a lifetime of moving a certain way, our muscles can get bunched up (or something like that) and not work as well – or sometimes not work at all.  This seemed like a treatment that would help un-twist me – for good!
I’ve been to chiropractors (of course), and none of them have been able to address the problem I described above.  They would create temporary alignment, but part of their business is that you have to keep coming back.  Amber offers the solution to the root cause of misalignment – once and for all!
As soon as I walked in to the treatment room, Amber could tell what my problem was even before I told her – just by looking at my body.  Amazing!  During the muscle recalibration session, I was laying on a massage table, and Amber worked my body. 
When she was done, I couldn’t believe how straight I felt!  I had been un-aligned for so long, being straight almost felt weird.  But, I got used to it 🙂
So, no more knee pain, and I can work both sides of my back!  All in one session!  I’ve spent thousands on chiropractors that never solved the problem – but Amber knows so much about the body, it is truly amazing, and she is a gifted healer.”
Amanda K., Nutrition Councelor

Amber is the best!! Not only is she an amazing human being but she is a phenomenal Yoga instructor. I have fibromyalgia and am a Massage Therapist which leaves me with a lot of muscle pain and stiffness. I truly believe that her Restorative Yoga classes have saved me time and time again. She always makes sure that I am getting what I need and modifies the poses for me. She gives more individual attention than I have ever experienced in any group class. Do yourself a favor and attend one of her classes, you will be hooked!!

Shelly D., Massage Therapist

In November, I attended Amber’s Happy Backs Yoga Workshop and I’m very grateful that I did. I’ve had lower back pain for several years, from a compressed disc injury and mild scoliosis. I was impressed with Amber’s knowledge and individual attention to my specific needs, as well as the customized routine she provided me. I enjoyed her teaching style and the welcoming atmosphere. I’ve done the pose sequences after for about two weeks, and definitely feel relief. Thank you Amber!

Brett, Business Owner, Escondido CA

I can’t say enough good things about Amber, as a person or as a yoga instructor! As a person, she has a passion for helping others grow and succeed in all areas of their life which is evident when you meet and interact with her. She is energizing and inspiring to be around and at the same time has such a calming and reliable presence. As a yoga instructor, and I preface this by saying that I am someone who hasn’t been before and thought yoga “wasn’t for me,” she is just as deliberate and supportive. I first met with her for a private session to discuss a yoga plan for neck and back issues while I was training for a long distance bike ride. She was able to take my “problems,” goals and abilities into consideration to create two routines for me: a morning/energizing routine and a post-ride routine. I also stayed for her restorative yoga class which was very easy for a “first timer” but had such an amazing impact on the compressed feeling of my neck and shoulders from being on the bike for such long periods of time. When I hear people say they’re not into yoga or it’s not for them, I can honestly say now that you should give it the same thought as physical therapy or any other treatment. Or at least, try with Amber, who understands how to apply yoga principals to help a range of “pains” in your life, not just physical ones!

Sharilyn F., Loan Officer

Amber is a great instructor and her restorative yoga classes are amazing. The lower back pain I had been suffering for years was gone after six weeks of biweekly restorative yoga classes.

Catalina K., United States Marine Corps.

Amber knows so much about the body, and how to improve/heal common complaints. Like I was having shin splints from jogging, and she showed me how to get rid of them, and it worked. She is also just a great yoga instructor. My form has improved a lot with her. And she is so relatable and real.

Amanda K., Go Slim U

“When I started the fulfillment book club, I was hoping to get a little inspiration, a little motivation and enjoy some great company.  I got that and so much more.  The book, “Journey Into Your Center” combined with the weekly discussions and teachings was incredibly eye opening and motivational.  What is my purpose in life?  This class really pushed me to take steps to discover what truly fulfills me.  It helped awaken a curiosity and drive I had forgotten about.  I did a strengths and weakness test, discovered how I spend my time in relation to my values, created a bucket list, a vision board, envisioned where I want my life to be over the next year and how to get there.  I took the time to really think about and evaluate my life here and now vs where I want to be.  I am so excited that I have the inspiration and motivation to chase my dreams because of this fulfillment class.”

Megan S., Domestic Engineer, Poway

I did a Restorative Yoga session with Amber DeBarge at CAYA Yoga and felt completely refreshed, both in body and mind. I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to know what to do and would feel out of place. I’m not at all familiar with the poses or how to quiet my mind. Amber was not only really comforting, but also clear on instruction, easing me into learning the techniques, and guiding me on proper form to maximize the benefit of this first class. She also made sure that the pace was accommodating to myself and the other class members. I can not wait to experience additional sessions and sign up for her fulfillment coaching, which goes way beyond just the posing parts that we tend to associate with Yoga!

Heather, Photographer, San Diego
Amber DeBarge is amazing with her instruction for restorative yoga. I go on Wednesdays and it is the designed movements that Amber comes up with for the class and she walks through to ensure we are doing it correctly for maximum benefit. She helps with boosters, blocks, blankets to ease the muscles to relax. She Reminds us to breath deeply and how. I was cautious due to the term Yoga see it now as exercise and taking care of the temple that God has allowed me to have. Thank you Amber for sharing your gift of wellness to all of us in that class.
Jeannie A.

Amber is wonderful, I love the restorative yoga to stretch and open for the most benefit. Great for athletes, I used this through my half marathon training and after for recovery. Highly recommend!

Deanna S., Yellow Ribbon Cadre Speaker

“Last Summer I began taking an outdoor yoga class taught by Amber De Barge. I was in a dark place mentally and physically out of tune with my being. I committed to one class a week. Immediately I felt a shift. I had no prior experience with yoga terms or positions. Amber walked me through the process with such grace and elegance that I will be eternally grateful. I have learned so much about myself with her guidance. I currently take one class and zone private lesson a week. I wish I had a schedule that permitted more. I cannot imagine going back to the place I was before yoga. I see now how tightly wound up I was both physically and mentally. If you’re reading this, I encourage you to give yourself the gift of one or more sessions with Amber. She has transformed my daily participation in life.”

Mandy M., School Teacher, San Diego