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Restorative/Yin Yoga

This 75 minute class is most productive when it is practiced with cold muscles. Each pose is held for 5-7 minutes. This slow moving class uses bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps to support and facilitate stretching during each of the poses. As you focus on your breathing and on calming your mind you will also be stretching the connective tissue that surrounds and supports your skeletal structure. As a result of this kind of stretching many find that they have an increase in range of motion, a reduction in pain and an ease in sleep. Restorative Yoga has a goal of maximum relaxation and as a result many also benefit from a reduction in stress and tension, reduced physical pain. If you have already tried physical therapy or repeated chiropractic adjustments that don’t seem to stick you may find that Restorative Yoga is a wonderful and productive addition to your care and healing. 

These classes are taught with calming music, low light or candle light in an effort to help you find a quite clarity of mind and help to aid you in your goal of healing.

Currently, we are offering this style of class for a maximum of 9 people. Please contact us for more information on groups larger than 9 people.



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