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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a great option for all levels of practice. During every Hatha yoga class at Come As You Are Yoga in San Diego, we guide you through a series of poses in a methodical and flowing manner. Our classes encourage deep breathing, physical stability, increased focus, balance and mindfulness, often helping to relieve stress while keeping your body active.

Hatha yoga is taught at a pace that allows each person to work at his or her personal level to achieve the full expression of the each pose. That is because at Come As You Are Yoga we believe that perfection is never the goal, most of the instruction will be the same no matter what level you are practicing at. Beginners will learn something new and more experienced yogis will get the practice improving guidance that will help them not only improve their expression of each pose while staying present and mindful of their physical being.

What to Expect from You Hatha Practice

Every Hatha class offered by Come As You Are Yoga is taught by a certified instructor who understands the mental and health benefits of yoga, and is able to encourage proper movements and healthy growth during each class. Your yoga instructor may not follow the movements herself, but instead recite the movement instructions  from the front of the room while watching to ensure that you and your fellow class members are safely and properly moving from pose to pose. When you participate in a yoga course at Come As You Are Yoga, remember to bring a mat and to hydrate before, during and after. During the course of the class feel free to ask questions or request modifications as needed.

Benefits of Hatha

The goal of every hatha yoga class is to remain present and be mindful of your bodies needs and limitations. Hatha is a slower paced form of yoga that allows each person the time to reach their fullest expression of each pose.You will have 4-6 breaths to lengthen, strengthen and experience each pose. This extra time will also allow the instructor time to suggest props or various modifications to help guide you into the best proper alignment during class.

The poses in hatha yoga can be easily modified to accommodate any fitness level. Hatha yoga with a certified instructor at Come As You Are Yoga in San Diego can be a good form of yoga for beginners, as well as those who are more advanced.



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