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You are in the perfect place to start your yoga journey!

What class is right for you?

Some yoga studios assign each class a level that tells you how much you should know or how good you should be at yoga. I don’t believe that yoga classes should have a level. You may take a class that you are very familiar with the poses or the teacher. You can get as much out of each class as you chose to. The slower the class moves through the poses the more time you will have to work on form and the longer you will have to hold each pose. The quicker the class moves through the poses let less time you will have for posture and the less time you will spend in each pose. Either way you can learn and grow. Reading the description of the class will help you decide which class style is better aligned with your goals.

What should I wear and what should I bring with me?

Wear clothing that is comfortable and allows for full range of motion. If you are taking a non-moving class you may want to bring a sweater. You may also want to bring a mat, hand towel, hair tie and a water bottle.

What can I expect?

You will want to arrive before the start time of the class. When you get to the studio you will want to turn your phone off, remove your socks and shoes and pick a place to set up. You can borrow a mat or lay out the mat you brought with you. Find a moment before the start of class to tell the teacher a little about your goals and your current physical details such as any current or recent injuries and any limitations you are experiencing. Both your goals and current physical details will help the instructor structure the class so that every participant gets what they need from class. Once class starts you will spend the remainder of the class on your mat. Most classes start in the seated position and will include a warm up a practice or flow and a closing. The closing of class usually includes a pose called savasana or corpse pose. This last pose last 5-15 minutes and is a quiet period of stillness where you work to quiet you mind and body. During this period you may hear a thought to focus on or smell an essential oil. You will know that savasana is over when you hear three chimes of a bell. After the sound of this bell the class will find a seated position and the class closing will be said.