Finding Fulfillment in a Busy Life

With all of this talk about “getting stuff done” I sometimes get too focused on my “to-do” list. But what happens when everything on your list is accomplished and you still don’t feel fulfilled? I started to wonder if there was a better way of accomplishing the goal of satisfaction. How can I keep my focus on personal fulfillment all of the time?

Everyday things have to get done. The house needs to be cleaned, and the kids have to get picked up from school; but I started to think that I was going to have to change my perspective if I was really going to get it all done and find lasting happiness and the ultimate goal of fulfillment!

Recently I found a few more things that I think might help me discover full-time fulfillment.

The first is a book by Erhard Vogel, The Journey Into Your Center,  it is not meant to be read like a story but instead you read each chapter one time each day for a week and then move to the next chapter which you read everyday for a week and so on and so on. After you have read the weeks chapter then you think about it or meditate for 20 minutes. This book helps to keep your focus on fulfillment no matter what your schedule holds. As a result I am refining my understanding of what fulfills me and I am recognizing the opportunities that will help me to realize my goals as they are presented.

I have to admit that I found this book at an open house for a weekly group that Vogel runs. This group is a place for people to get support and guidance from Vogel directly. I wasn’t not prepared to make a two year commitment and so  I opted to purchase the book and go it alone instead of joining the weekly group. It took me quite awhile to actually pick up the book and read chapter one and even longer to commit to the process. I had to read chapter one for nearly two months before I read it every day for a week. And I will be the first to admit that meditation has been one of the most challenging activities for me. But recently I have made great strides. I am getting a lot out of my meditative practice and this book has been a great addition to the practice.

But The Journey Into Your Center  isn’t the only tool I am working with. IMany years ago someone invited me to a New Years Day Goal Board Party which now I understand is an opportunity to put together a vision board surrounded by other people doing the same thing. I loved the idea of a visual plan for my year. A project chart that was pretty enough to hang like art. Every year, around New Years, I ask around to see if anyone would be interested but the plan just never came together. This year I decided to make a vision board and  hang it in my bedroom where I see it at both the beginning and end of my day. I started the process by searching the web for information about how to make my first vision board.

In my research of vision boards I found a couple of really helpful tips:

  • Use glue sticks or yes! glue instead of white glue (white glue will cause wrinkling and bleeding).
  • Have printed pictures of yourself to include in your vision board.
  • Collect Affirmations or inspirational messages to use on your board.
  • Ask friends or family for old magazines. Even check out your local library. It was really helpful to have a copy or two of many different magazines rather than a year of a single publication.

I saw a lot of boards with great ideas like travel, super fit bodies and big fancy houses. I read the stories of the people that created these boards. They were all searching for something, something that had eluded them. And I thought gosh I don’t really want a speed boat or a mansion…. What do I really want?

After collection ideas, and before I started collecting images, I decided to make an outline of my vision board. Some of the things in my outline were goals carried over from years past and some were things I have been working on recently.

My outline included:

Yoga, time with my daughter, being a good mom, personal practice, check out several yoga studios, meditation, Spanish, guitar, read, hike focus and having a daily schedule…..

Next, I collected used magazines and started to cut out any word or image that felt like good vision board material. There were a couple of things I wasn’t able to find in the 20+ magazines I collected. Things like learning to play guitar, being a good mom, developing a personal practice or schedule, speaking Spanish, and “fulfillment” were really difficult to illustrate with the images and phrases I found.

For these few things I used scrapbook paper to create the images I was looking for OR wrote the words onto paper or directly on to the board.

Then I added embellishments like flowers, owls and glitter. The final result was pretty enough to hang. See below.

Fulfillment is a journey and I am ready! What is your vision for 2015? What will your journey include?