Discovery – Start the Journey Towards Sustainable Joy

What if you were born with everything you need to have a fulfilling and joy filled life? Often I hear people mention “the great plan”. The idea is that the Universe or God has a plan for you, but what if you are the one that has the plan? I don’t mean that you consciously made a plan for yourself, I mean I believe you were born with the plan already in your every cell. I think we were given freewill because as we were ushered into this life we were given the only copy of our “great plan” and carry it with us everyday.


So if we already have all of the answers why can’t we just figure out how to unlock the playbook and mindlessly follow the plan? Because the goal is not to complete X number of tasks, the goal is sustainable joy and personal fulfillment of your life’s potential via experience


The first step isn’t learning but discovery! We aren’t making a life’s purpose but instead we are finding or discovering our purpose that is already in us.


I invite you to spend some time this week thinking about what is important to you. I like to “think” or “discover” with a paper and pen… usually in the form of a list, but you can make a cluster map or talk it out with a close friend or partner too. And if you aren’t sure what will work best for you try one and then the other. You will know what will work for you, you will just know…


At first you may find that your first thoughts are things you learned to want or value. Maybe they are things that you were told were important, your parents or church or teachers thought were important. Just get them out you can always edit later.


Once you have your list, make a note of how much time you spend on each of these things or activities. As yourself: How often do I work on that? How much time do I spend on this very important relationship or thing?


Then sit back and behold! Two things have happened; you have listed out what is important to others, to the world and most importantly to you and you have made an honest appraisal of where you spend your effort and energy. Now you can use the next week to revise and edit your discovery. You may make many changes or none. But in the end you will have a much clearer picture of what is important to you and in my experience the things that are important to you are the things that will play the biggest role in discovery and fulfillment of your purpose.