Accepting Your Journey


What happens when we realize that a healthy lifestyle is more than clean eating and exercise? We go searching to discover what is missing. A healthy lifestyle must include mental and spiritual toning as well. Just like we spend time and effort on our muscles we have the opportunity to set time aside everyday or every week to work on our whole self.

Accepting the journey of holistic self-improvement gets the ball rolling. Once you are spending time and devoting focus to the topic the way is illuminated at a pace that is perfect for you.

At the beginning of the year many people make time to set goals and to think about their year and direction of their life. What if instead of allocating this time once or twice a year you made a commitment to yourself to spend sometime each week or each day to identify and map out a route to reach your bigger life goals?

If you already know what your life’s purpose is then you are way ahead! But if you don’t part of your time could be with the focus of discovering what your big goal is. A great way of starting the journey is to journal or set aside a few quiet moments a day to contemplate your purpose. Write down the things you enjoy or things you are good at. What comes naturally to you and what brings you joy. Get those juices flowing and open up the avenue of possibility.